About Me

Who is Masayoshi Yamamoto?

立ち猫 |  山本正義

Hi, I am Masayoshi Yamamoto. I live in Osaka, Japan. After working in welfare service facilities for handicapped people, I started the carrier in photography. Thankfully, a series of photos of jumping cats, that look like as if they are standing on their hind legs, gained popularity in SNSs such as Instagram. I have other series of photos, such as “Flaccid Cats”, “Cats Coming” etc. I also draw illustrations. I would like to work on any job request, including photo exhibition, talking about my photos, shooting portraits, etc., with my favorite phrase ‘Falling down 7 times but getting back 8’ on my mind. For the record, I’m an expert of making children smile during photo-shoot.

What is Tachineko?

One day, I was playing with cats as usual. When I released the shutter with no intention, a cat stretched upward. The captured image shows that the cat stamped the ground with his hind legs with brave face. It was only 0.5 sec. or less. I felt like the image implies a japanese proverb ‘Falling down 7 times but getting back 8’. So, I call those images ‘Tachineko’ that means standing cat in japanese. Since I posted those Tachineko on SNSs with some positive words, many visitors have sent messages that Tachineko make them energized or cured. It is grateful! After that, Tachineko featured in some media and a photo book “Tachineko” was published in 2019. After all, I started to work as a photographer.

Though Tachineko might invoke a little different images in each person, I want them to have some positive impressions left on you. Or simply I want you to relax by looking these lovely cats and to feel something good.